Windy Days

by Be Bright

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All sounds by Be Bright


released March 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Be Bright Portland, Oregon

Be Bright is a musician and producer in Portland, OR.

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Track Name: Nothing
Couldn't say I know the truth
Or what is right and wrong
But I can say that I like you
It didn't take too long

This cannot be but it seems to be real
Do this I need and what to reveal
I don't know I am made of nothing
Random light go and shine as you please

Should you take me for a fool
I won't be hanging around
Whether lovers or tools
Only honesty counts
Track Name: Kind
Treading carefully through the silly game
Of those feelings that one can't resist
And is it all the same, is it different?
What is helpful and what just exists
So show me where go, express truthfully
I will see you if you live for others
Slow as it may seem the road is direct
To a giver over one who self serves

Wander and lust may be running the game
But hope there is still for true love all the same
It's more than the heart or the shape of one's mind
It's whether and how much we do something kind

I've seen everything, action in all form
What's of interest isn't always best but
Support without strings, that's the faith we need
For the energy to pass all tests
What's your core believe, will you grow til old
And seek comfort in the health of this world
Though the dark does creep, light may always shine
If there's giving with our trust unfurled
Track Name: Love One Another
We wanted what's right, we wanted good
To save all our lives if we could
To change the times with what we know
Today we may fail but we will grow

The autumn leaves have gone
This winter we sing to stay strong
This spring we will greet a new dawn
If we're to conquer all the world's sin
The black holes we must plug in

Love one another...

We carry a weight in our soul
And only will reap what we sow
We cannot undo the evil did
But we can decide when it ends
Track Name: Life
Falling in love with the universe
I'm going in deep and chasing the aims of my heart
Knowing where I've been in past
Naked at last, the future again I will start
Where's home when the world is fleeting
Who knows but the fire will heat me
Send light to all the darkest places
There's good if only we can face it

Go live your dreams
There's only one life that we know at least until its gone
Oh feel the beat
The rhythm of life will bring us back to our feet when we fall

As the river proceeds I will bleed to the sea
Or take to the sky and see the majesty of the moon
One star is all we got for now
To Ra we may bow but never again to a Zeus
Someday there will be a meeting
Til then there's only being
Take care of everyone around you
Be brave in the winds of a mighty few
Track Name: Ghost
The rest of the quest you must do on your own
There's no real map the guide is your goal
To find what's best close your eyes and let go
It manifests when all the heart glows

A ghost we'll be if we stick to the screen
To think that maybe there is more
Those trees and the bees though ordinary
Know mysteries we've yet explored

Two beams one line to send through the stream
I'm free only if your free when we be
The sparks do flash and give the world heat
This life may pass but it was worthy
Track Name: The Divine
Where we going, what is happening, how did you find a way inside me?
Oh no I've been closing but the latch is weak, you can come in but if so don't leave
Our know always teeming, there's so much to share, when we do does it create meaning?
Or are you fleeing, only here awhile to escape a ship that's sinking

Realize the divine
You decide what to find
There is time let it by
If it's right we will fly

What's unspoken we may someday speak if the energies wish the outcome
But do not lead me if the rocks won't move, other places I can grow a garden
Oh I'm believing in the here and now, be the becoming that's begun
It won't be so easy if nothing is done to let go of what's not now beating
Track Name: Have More
A heart of gold, it comes easy
If you treat them right, beauty will arise
Despite the storm here there's peace
So don't worry at all, we're not animals

To give is the greatest gift
Let's share in the end we will all have more

The golden rule it will free you
Strangers though they seem, you may someday be
Shift the paradigm end all greed
And we may have a chance to survive attack
Track Name: Make A Change
We won't hesitate to spread the word around
As long as it takes to fix all that's unsound
No debts to repay though to each other bound
Our biggest mistake was letting go the ground

Try a new motion, go all the way
Live how you thought that you would someday
Join as an ocean, will as the wave
With some devotion we'll make a change

As better days come and deadly thoughts do pass
We'll live off the sun and pray that peace will last
Whatever's begun, our love should guide all tasks
What's good is most fun so let's unleash the laughs
Track Name: Winter
The winter cold is coming
It's harder to stay warm all through the night
What's the point of calling
There's nothing i can say that's on my mind
The deadly freeze i dare you
This soul of mine will never turn to ice
I've done all that I can do
Survival through the storm it will suffice

Breath in deep
Soon your spirit will feel brand new
Become empty
And the world will pour inside you

For others to have listened
And be there for those times that weren't the best
A blessing put upon them
As they have done we will do for the rest
The cold and rain I may rue
When no one is around to shine and play
Some months ahead I'll come to
And soon create again those halcyon days
Track Name: Lead You On
I didn't mean to lead you on
I didn't mean to lead you on
I didn't mean to lead you on
I didn't mean to lead you on

Why you in a hurry
You're free baby
Go and see what's around
Life is a long journey
Don't need lady
Here's there's little to be found

Though we did some flirting
It can't be baby
Doesn't mean you're not alright
I don't want you hurting
Feel glee lady
Out there you will find your type
Track Name: A New Reality
Born into this world
There is no escape
And with the dying earth
Too goes our fate

Long should life be
If only we would change
A new reality
Must be dreamt today

Oh dream it
Oh be it
Oh dream
Oh be it

Scorn for the worst
Of the human race
Don't let them lead
Or all will become waste
Track Name: Democracy
From the herds that have already gone
Rose a beast that today must be stopped
It seems alive though no body it has
And like a virus the globe it has spanned
These big machines are not to be lost
It's just a change to their use that's a must
Oh how we'll prosper and become all we can
When the law soon returns to our hands

Whatever's your pleasure
One day may be
The measure of treasure
No banks will see

The people know it will be a great feat
To live the dream of a democracy
No more war no more tributes to give
To those who rule just because they are rich
If there's a debt, its a debt to the earth
It is our heaven in this cold universe
We can do it with the systems we have
If we can all get on board with the plan