Debt Free

by Be Bright

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released November 15, 2015

All sounds by Be Bright



all rights reserved


Be Bright Portland, Oregon

Be Bright is a musician and producer in Portland, OR.

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Track Name: Money Supply
Less than 5% of the money supply exists as cash
Most the rest was born first as a bank loan, then it changed hands
Were we to return all debt then nothing is left to be exchanged
Money must always grow to pay off the interest, it's what enslaves

Don't let the banks make up everything that's around us
Take control of our currency's being and motion
Have the money supply operate in the public
Stop anyone from loaning what they don't own

There's a flaw inherent to fractional banking, what's the reserve?
The answer won't be bonds or some kind of metal, they are absurd
In the end it's all just a social construction, let's do it best
Money will work only if it enters our system not tied to debt
Track Name: Roof
I believe in a place we can call home
A world safe to be or leave alone
But they will blithely kick us to the street
If we become the wealthy's next big dream

Send out the loans to take control
Make you a slave to their bubble
As the creators they will win
Your roof they'll steal though you don't sin

We shall see how long their power lasts
Where we live should not be up for grabs
Redistribute all the wealth and land
To most of us who've never had a chance
Track Name: Free
It's easy to feel like we're losing the cause
Against a plutocracy global and armed
But someday we will live healthy and free

The greater their hold the weaker they'll get
Alternatives grow where their logic has missed
And someday we will live healthy and free

Mind control will be a challenge
As eyes open up to our true being
To improve the earth is our direction
Or else the other stars we'll never meet

Today the rulers worship the black hole
But tomorrow's leaders will escape the pull
Someday we will live healthy and free

We can program the world as we want
To be a good place that will nurture and love
So someday we will live healthy and free
Track Name: Cruel
How we act in this world we live
Matters only to everything

Money is a tool with a way now that's just cruel
But soon the 1% won't have a hand

Predators will no longer be
In control of the economy
Track Name: True Light
Freedom is impossible so long as banks control the flow
Of money and whether it exists, it's time we all say no
People matter little of the minds of those who rule the credit lines
So we will replace the system whole and usury will die

Where's there's love there is hope that we all can survive
Those above do not know the true light of our kind

The pyramid will cease to be our lord and in its place we'll choose
A network of debt free e-funds and bills, in work now wealth accrues
All we need to do is change the rules so money is created without due
The people will control what to produce and in this way we'll thrive
Track Name: Evolution
A life of pain and sorrow need not be what comes
The numbers of our rulers only guarantee loss

To return more to them than what's created
In the end only leads to our death
We'll just give to the people what is needed
Let the evolution begin

Reserves as we know them don't really exist
The value of our labor must come from within
Track Name: On Loan
If you think you are in control, you are wrong you belong to them
Work those shitty jobs til your dead they will never pay enough to live

Half of all so called wealth will always be with the rich
Give some to you on loan as long as those tributes come in

We will never make a change until money is no longer debt
If it is to be backed by our faith then what's the use of banker interest
Track Name: Meritocracy
What we borrow we've always had
It was stolen to be sold back
Do not listen to what they say
Their abuses are not our way

I really do believe that we could be
Living in a meritocracy
But only if we change the system rules
Money must be made to create wealth
And not to lock us in a corporate hell
We belong to us and not the 1%

If the dollar represents work
Then the workers should choose its worth
And where it goes we decide to
No magicians will shake us loose